Cover of A flying start

The Cool Breeze of Spring - A flying start

18 September - 8.40 am
Will you be removed from Earth, when you smell that cool breeze of spring?

27-year-old Lucas is perfectly happy with his uneventful life as the captain of his own whale watching boat, in Canada’s Ultimate East. Then he is told that the world, he is so familiar with, is about to end and he needs to select seven companions to restart a new human population.
Lucas selects the woman of his dreams, marine biologist Charlotte, and six brilliant teens from a special needs school.

Read more about this group of special people as they face dangers and fight to protect their new home.

Available from September 2019

What's what

Neteru are the aliens who seeded Earth with different species as an ecological experiment.
Etherun is the planet where the Neteru live.
Key species are species which are of special interest to the Neteru: humans, crow, dolphins, whales, and tortoise.
Khered are the direct descendants of the first seedlings.
Activated Khered are the original descendants and their chosen ones.
Mesu is a Neteru word for Earth.
Lectanimo is a form of mind communication.
Spheream is the coloured cloud surrounding activated Khered and Neteru.
Telumparticula is the beam used to remove specified objects and species from Earth during the Event.
Mito is a Neteruian relaxation trick.
Anima migro is a form of teleportation.
R44 is a helicopter that is normally not flown by a 12-year-old.
Orca is a seriously big whale that you don't normally see, of the coast of St. John's in October.

Who's who

Lucas is captain and owner of a whale watching boat in Canada’s Ultimate East. He likes to avoid excitement and unnecessary chitchat; to say that he is not great at social interaction would be an understatement.
Charlotte is the woman of Lucas's dreams, she is a marine biologist and his tour guide.
Devyn is Lucas's Neteru contact.
Em is Lucas' crow Khered.
Aptherae is Lucas' whale Khered.
Sarah is a red-haired 12-year-old engineering genius, with lots of freckles. She hates the colour pink.
Alex is 13 years old. He is a brilliant artist but he doesn't talk.
Oliver is the youngest of this group and extremely shy. He is 11 years old, and he loves plants and gardening.
Ellie, 12 years old, is a brilliant mathematician, who loves to hack computers. She loves the colour pink.
Nathan is the oldest of the group, he is tall and skinny, and 14 years old. He loves all animals, but he is mad about whales.
Ethan is a 13-year-old maths genius. Like Ellie, he also loves programming.
Geena is head of operation Red at the CIA, and not the nicest person in the world.