C. Attleya

The author C. Attleya lives in the garden of England where she writes her science fiction and fantasy novels. Her love for this beautiful county shines through in her A new beginning novels.
C. Attleya is notoriously unsociable, however if you would like to contact her, then she invites you to do so at

Rumours that C. Attleya has moved to Newfoundland to write and find inspiration for the parallel A flying Start novels, cannot be confirmed or denied at this moment.

Cover A new beginning

The Cool Breeze of Spring - A new beginning

18 September 8.40 am Will you be removed from Earth, when you smell that cool breeze of spring?

If you were consulted, would you vote to have most of humanity removed from Earth?
Who would you choose as your seven companions to restart a new population?

While the human race is at the brink of being cruelly exterminated by the actions of self-absorbed world leaders, Caila is one of 13 humans who are pulled out of their ordinary existence by an alien species. After being consulted on the future of human existence on Earth, Caila is tasked with the restart of a new human population, whilst discovering and coming to terms with her own mixed human/alien origins.

Published: 17 August 2018
Cover Rebeccas Diary

The Cool Breeze of Spring - Rebecca's diary

When 12-year-old Rebecca Riverton finds herself alone in the world, she takes her horse Flock and rides east, hoping to meet other survivors.
She finds a new home and new friends at Hever Castle, where she forges a new future for herself as she gains the respect of both humans and aliens.

In her diary, Rebecca describes her emotions and adventures as she adapts and flourishes in a new world where prejudices and stereotypes of the past have disappeared.

Published: 17 August 2018
Cover A flying start

The Cool Breeze of Spring - A flying start

31-year-old Lucas is perfectly happy with his uneventful life as the captain of his own whale watching boat in Canada’s Ultimate East. But then he is told that the world that he is so familiar with is about to end, and he needs to select seven companions to restart a new human population.

Lucas selects the woman of his dreams, Charlotte, a marine biologist and his tour guide, and six brilliant teens from a special needs school.

Read more about this special group of people as they face dangers and fight to protect their new home.

Available from March 2019